70 years of experience at your service

National Chemicals, Inc. was incorporated in 1947 following the acquisition of Koch Chemical Company. At the time, Koch Chemical manufactured a variety of products ranging from a diaper wash to an emergency fire extinguisher for automobiles. L.C. Landman, Sr. concentrated efforts into a line of detergents and sanitizers used for washing glassware in bars and taverns. Some of those original brands are still produced today.

During the next 50 years the primary emphasis remained in the food and beverage market. The 1970s and 1980s brought significant expansion when brewing industry executives approached L.C. Landman, Jr., Ph.D. to develop a better solution for cleaning draft beer lines. National Chemicals, Inc. developed the first liquid cleaner specifically for cleaning draft beverage systems and continues to meet the evolving needs of this market.  

Now in its third generation of leadership, Murl Landman’s entrepreneurial spirit has led the company to expand products into new markets including craft beer and wine making, transportation, retail sporting goods, and thermoplastics. In 2011, National Chemicals, Inc. purchased a second processing facility in Lewiston, Minnesota, nearly doubling processing capacity to meet growing demand.

National Chemicals, Inc. continues to grow beyond their own brands through consulting, custom blending and contract packaging services to third parties. On-demand production and packaging processes allow for ultra-low minimums and scaled growth to benefit large and small businesses alike.